The 24-hour-race

From 10-11 June 2017, hundreds of riders once again took part in the 24-hour mountain bike race by the Alfsee. Among them were 61 Derby Cycle employees – twice as many as last year – all of whom were encouraged to take part by the internal organisation team, which also supplied them with food and drinks throughout the race. This year, our students were tasked with looking after the participation of the employees and did so with a great deal of commitment.

“It was great fun, because we succeeded in inspiring a lot of people to participate for the first time, in spite of the huge amount of work required,” said Bastian Gröppel. Uwe Reinkemeier-Lay, Manger of Raleigh/Univega Managing Director and organiser of the event, can confirm this: “It was really nice to see how everybody spurred each other on and gave it their all. Many thanks to the 61 participants for their fantastic achievements, and a special thank you to the in-house student team. I would also like to wish the top Derby Cycle riders the very best of luck.